Wow! Cannot believe it has been so long since I wrote a post.

Life has been one big speed race of late. The little Pink Whirlwind has been finding life a little difficult lately. I think she feels a bit out of sync, things in the home are changing and her Big Brother is not home as much…for good reasons though, thankfully. In the long run though it will give us some time to connect and strengthen our bond, which has not been an easy thing to do in the past,  having to have been in the hospitals and doctors rooms so much with our Intellectual Thunderstorm.

He is growing up and maturing so wonderfully of late. Slowly finding his place in this world. We managed to get him some Volunteer positions at some of our local Animal Rescue centers as well as the Vet. He comes home exhausted but happy and fulfilled. His payoff for free work is knowing he is learning and helping to make the lives of his dear beloved animals better. He has firmly decided it is the career path he is choosing for his future and we support him fully.

On the medical side of things we still attend appointments and he has a few more tests to undergo but the light at the end is getting brighter and the gaps between appointments is steadily getting bigger, thus allowing him time to find a life outside of his disorder. They have narrowed the diagnosis down to 2 possibilities and hopefully by early next year we will have a conclusion.

So as much as this last year has been a rough and long uphill climb, it has been filled with miracles, growth and a lot of new knowledge for all of us. As they say…. If you not learning…you not living 🙂

And no…we haven’t forgotten our vision to start the farm school, it is still in the works, but like all good things it will take time.