Whiteboard therapy, that’s where we are. After more meltdowns and drama through the days in our home it came to ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’

So off we went, bought 4 whiteboards and put ‘Family boot camp’ in action. We had total tech block-out for the weekend and communication was taken down to a very basic form. Straight words strung together to convey a need, want or opinion. No tones of voice, no sarcasm or misunderstanding of jokes. We all had to ‘speak’ by writing it down and reading.

Sounds strange but it worked so well. The two kids didn’t even have ructions between each other. There was no shouting, misunderstandings or anger outbursts and everyone got along and got stuff done.

Its amazing how when it takes a little more effort to convey your message, how you quickly abandon the unnecessary, hurtful behaviors to get someone else into trouble or say something spiteful. When you have to take the time to read the message and respond by having to write it out, it led everyone to act on thinking before speaking as it took time, you process whats ‘said’ and what you going to say, eliminating those quick responses that lack thought.

So we had a quiet, peaceful house and we have learnt a lot.

Our Intellectual Thunderstorm said it helped him a lot as he didn’t get so stressed out and bombarded by his senses when life through a curve ball he couldn’t quite process.

So in light of this we have adopted a strategy that when a subject may be distressful,  a request too much to process quickly or a reprimand given we will use the whiteboard to communicate. Eliminating the tones of voice, giving time for the brain to process and understand and the ability to respond in a calmer more thought out manner.

Our Pink Whirlwind is learning slowly that not every thought she has needs to be voiced to Everyone All the time…..