Picture if you will, a quiet suburban street, 4 seemingly calm 20 somethings, one wielding a monstrosity of a camera, zoom lens included and 2 deceptively older more ‘respectable’ ladies, all innocently standing on the side of the road. While a Bearded Biking heart stopper (I may be biased on that one 🙂 but its still true) rides by. All seems pretty normal, until you really stop and watch.

My cousins youngest is studying photography and she needed a shot of a biker riding by. Now please keep in mind that we are all above the age of 18, and the silliest of us in the group, all above 30! So we embark on a pavement adventure, roadside mayhem if you will. Culprit number 1, queue ‘Bearded Biker man’, second in command is me ”Madness Milly and by no means least is the ‘Crazy Cuzz’. Needless to say the neighbors and general population did not know what to make of us.

So here we are, all of us standing waiting for the Bike to come round the block in order for Little Cuzz to get the shot (there were a few of these wait moments). Boredom and an imaginative mind inevitably leads to fun. There was road sleeping, crazy slow motion “speed” chasing (I was referred to as a Gazelle, not quite sure if that’s a good thing) and frozen Kung Fu. That was just us two ‘respectable’ ladies. The 20/20 gang played ‘race wars’, ‘shoe tossing’ and ‘butt jiggle’. Bearded Biker Man was in the beginning just a rider going by, over and over and over…. until he too got bored. At one point he had Little Cuzz in such stitches with his rip off of a speed racer meets  horse jockey (picture protruding butt and tank hugging at low speeds) that she forgot to switch her camera on. A moment, I might add, I doubt we will let her live down. All in all there are some epic photo’s for our memories and we all had sore Abs from the laughter. Yes, she did get the shot in between all the fun. I think we gave people driving by something to talk about too.The day was ended off with a great Braai /Barbecue and stunning conversations all educing more laughter.

Sitting reminiscing about all the times we have just played and lived in the past few years reminds me how important it is to shrug off our concern for what people think of us. To shrug off the ‘boxes’ and labels society puts us all in. The expectations  that we are to be ‘grown up’. I think the phrase ‘grown up’ is misinterpreted, it’s not about conforming, fitting in and being all ‘business’. Its about wise choices in life and respectfulness. In the end we need to remember to have fun, be unique and play. What matters is not how others view you or ‘fitting in’. Its about finding those people in life that let you be you,  the ones that love your quirks and appreciate the colour you can bring into their lives.

Remember if you change who you are for the world, you will never meet the kindred souls you were meant to touch, inspire and be inspired by.  You will have cheated yourself out of knowing true success. The success of a fulfilled, happy and unique life being yourself.


Photo found @ http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/005/cache/gazelle_535_600x450.jpg