Dear Soul

Today’s your heavenly birthday. One year ago today God took your breath and called you home. One year ago today you were born into perfection, healed of all that ailed you and embraced into the arms of your Savior while a thousand Angels sang of your return and a thousand others wept for the pain of those left behind. For a year now you have known the bigger picture, watched as God held those below in his warm embrace. You do not feel any pain and know only peace and love now, a small gift they now cherish.

I did not get the chance to know you as they did and my heart feels sad for that. However, through the words and the hearts of those left behind I know the parts of you they cherished.

A man of worth. One who loved and inspired laughter and joy. A man who always had time to help and teach others.  A beautiful soul that touched the lives of all he met. You were not perfect but that made you all the more you, all the more loved.

You have left a hole in the lives of so many, a hole that will be filled with cherished memories and the love you left. You have left a legacy that will live on in every heart by the stories they share, the tears, the laughs and the pictures that have captured you. Pictures that those of us who did not get the chance to know you can see, the laughter in your smile, the love in your eyes and the warmth of your face. We see the joy of those who got to be beside you.

One day we shall all sit at the table up there and enjoy the view you now have, but until then, dear soul, know you are thought of and loved by those left behind.

P.S. I know why you loved them so, they are jaw droppingly great. I love ‘em too. Crazy crowd! Enjoy it up there riding the heavenly highway and we’ll meet up when I get there. Until then, I’ll watch out for them for you while I am here.