Life’s full of hustle and bustle. Stress seems to be the order of the day slugged down with a caffeine fix and a muffin to keep us going. We get trapped in a ‘get up and go’ mentality forgetting all the small things that can make us smile, those things that really make the soul happy.

So when we decided to get 2 tiny little hamsters as the new family pets (gardens too small for a Steffie just at the moment) little did we realize how much of an impact they would have.

We set about filling their cage with sawdust and attaching all their toys and tunnels ( I swear if I was a Hamster i would get lost, I am severely directionally challenged) added the Hamsters and the little critters seem to love it. We left them to settle in and carried on with life. Ever so slowly though we would each find ourselves sitting in front of the cage just staring, watching little paws scurry, laughing at stuffed cheeks full of food and ‘ahhhing…’ at how they sit with teeny paws wrapped around a single kernel eating. (seriously I think we looked like total and utter goofs)

That night as we lay trying to fall asleep (those with busy lives and brains that don’t switch off will understand, it’s a process) The air cool and life quiet, we hear the methodical squeaks of the hamster wheel, every so often it stopped then it went again. We burst out laughing! Such an ordinary and mundane sound but it just tickled the soul.

The next day I realized, how busy everything gets, how stressed life really is.

When something so simple can bring such fun so unexpectedly and just how good it feels to just laugh. Its a treasure. Joy can be found in so many places if we just still our racing minds and shut out life’s “noise”

Its important to realize that in all our efforts to survive we still need to live, and its not by how much stuff we can accumulate or how grand our paycheck is. Yes it feels great to achieve success but its the little things that really matter. Those are the moments we will play in our minds when we go. Those are what we leave behind in our legacy.

The memories we make with special friends and family. The jokes and hugs.  How the hand of your lover feels in yours. A heart beat under your palm, the twinkle of your child’s laughing eyes. The touch of the wind on your cheek as the sun colors the sky with a palette of orange and red. The soft and quiet moments just spent being you.

Then as you lay awake at night and hear the soft breathing of all those you love so safe and asleep, you must know you are rich, because you will realize the most precious thing, you get to spend another day with their beautiful souls.